We want to focus on SAFETY ISSUES 

The temperatures aren’t rising like I hear news persons saying- Trees ARE CONTINUING TO FALL!!  

Don’t go outside and stand underneath a tree or power line that is covered in ICE trying to investigate damage.

Treat every downed wire like it is LIVE.

DO NOT try and clean ice from trees and especially power lines by striking them with objects.

Once temps finally make it above freezing you will know it as CHUNKS of ice will be falling from trees, buildings and power lines.

4200 people are without power in Reno County ( mostly in Hutchinson)- I am not sure why we haven’t seen a shelter or two open as getting power restored will take several days and nighttime lows will be in the 20s the next several nights.

Precip is slowly ending with Snow moving ENE

 Great job to all power companies working hard to get your power back on – Westar and Ark Valley are the 2 that I know covering Reno County.

Please continue to post pictures and let us know your positive experiences.


Hang in there Weather Watchers-