Hello Weather Watchers!

Thank you for relying on us for weather information yesterday. Our site crashed in the afternoon. We will be finishing upgrades today so that shouldn’t happen again.

Yesterday was a rough day as multiple fires erupted during late afternoon. 

Winds will again increase during afternoon through early evening hours today. The winds will be gusting upwards of 40 mph from the Northwest.

The Windy dry conditions will make for another CRITICAL FIRE DAY today and Thursday across Kansas and Oklahoma.

 TODAYS RISK AREA- Red=Critical threat Orange=Elevated threat

Thursday’s threat area:

Expect temperatures in the 60s North to the 70s South. Clear skies and dry air will make for a chilly overnight.

Models are coming together on a solution for late this weekend showing chances of Thunderstorms Sunday evening into Monday morning-non Severe storms. 

As we get closer to the weekend we will go into details. 

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago- models are beginning to show the anticipated pattern changes. The changes should allow the Southern jet Stream to dig into the Southwest US and then send Storm systems towards the Central and Southern Plains. Thunderstorm chances should begin in earnest in the next week to 10 days – a more typical Spring pattern.

This is made possible by the Pacific ridge breaking down and a blocking pattern developing in the North Atlantic, South of Greenland.

Have a GREAT DAY Weather Watchers!

SHARE YOUR WEATHER….keep us posted on what you are seeing by posting comments or pictures-we will do the same!