Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

Let’s take a look at current conditions at 3:30pm:

It is 90 degrees in GREAT BEND KS with a dry line just to the East. As the dry air from the Southwest mixed out the moisture the temperatures climbed a few more degrees allowing temperatures to climb to the upper 80s to 90. 

On the East side of the dry line, Hutch is 77 with a dewpoint of 45 whereas Dodge City is 88 with a dew point if 16! 

The less moisture or humidity the higher the temperature can climb. The dew point is a measure of that moisture.

WILD FIRES are being reported South of Tulsa, around Okmulgee and East of Woodward. Another area that a fire has been reported is in Platte County, MO -North of the Kansaa City airport.

Here is the Fire around the KC Airport:

STRONG SW/S WINDS AND EXTREME FIRE CONDITIONS WILL CONTINUE INTO THE EVENING. The strongest  winds will likely be along and either side of I-135 and South of I-70 with gusts over 50mph possible. 

Expect cooler temps through the weekend:

60s/70s Saturday  (North Winds)

60s Sunday

50s Monday-Wednesday 

Questions, please ask!