We will be glad to help you understand what happened. The storm system developed and stayed South and is now will take its trek to the NE:

This storm is responsible 27 deaths since it began 4 days ago. 

“A cut-off Low is a Weathermans woe” –that has proven to be so true.

We provide information based on the Weather Models, our experience and the reports we receive from you. That’s why we beg you to “Share you Weather”. We can tell a lot about weather from timely reports you send us.  There is no substitute for looking out your window a meteorology professor once told me. 

We will be glad to take the blame for a busted forecast – we apologize if we caused you to miss an event based on the information we provided. We were looking out for your safety. We will always error on the side of caution when it comes to safety. 

We use the best technology in the marketplace to assist us in providing our forecasts. We use a proprietary algorithm that provides amazing long range forecasting. 

We will continue to do what we have done for 4 years- keeping our families, friends and neighbors safe-you don’t increase followers by “being wrong all the time” as someone suggested has already suggested this morning. 

We hope you continue to follow along.  If not, we understand.

Have a great day, we will be working on our morning forecast. 

 Weather Watchers