A piece of energy is currently located over the Panhandle of TX into Eastern NM.

It will begin to intensify and close off… as it intensifies it will draw moisture Northward and colder air further South from the Snowpack over the Upper Plains.

You can see the Mid level Low over NM in this current satellite as well as the Snowpack.

Here is how things should develop.

REMEMBER, a wobble in the track of the Low 30 to 50 miles could change snow amounts greatly.

Let’s look at what the Models are forecasting.

We are looking at the track and the Vorticity of lift in the storm which allows for the areas of greater Precip:



Tues afternoon:

( Notice the Low is no longer closed – so it weakening )

Additionally the Low is tracking SSE … and is over the Red River Valley..if this tracks further North that would provide additional snowfall for South Central KS… that’s NOT likely but it is something we will watch..


**This will help with the drought conditions across SW KS**

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY..expect temps in the Mid 60s to Low 70s!!

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