This is a page where you can discuss and learn about all modes of Kansas weather, from tornadoes to blizzards and everything in between.

Hello everyone! We put this page together as a place where people can come and discuss Kansas Weather. It is always changing and is something that all of the admins of this page have been interested in or involved with for many years.

This page partners with a Storm Chasing group during Severe Weather outbreaks called “Forever Chasing” and is based in Wichita.

The admins of this page are from Kansas City, Kansas, Wichita and Hutchinson.

We make our own forecasts and use some unorthodox and unconventional scientific data which has been in research for close to 25 years.

This page is YOUR page. We want you to learn and understand how and why weather happens. Kansas is such a FUN state to study weather since we are in the geographical middle of the country and get to experience all four seasons, which produce many different modes of weather.

We want you to SHARE information via comments, pictures and videos that are weather related.

If you have any questions, just ask – we love to discuss weather!

Have fun and enjoy this page.

Lastly, we are not offended by the term “Weather Nerd” because that’s who we are!