Happy Friday Weather Watchers!

The evening and overnight rounds of storms have really worked over the atmosphere. It will likely need time to reset. The storms that we forecast this afternoon will likely occur later,  towards early or later evening- until the atmosphere recovers. 

We are seeing some very welcome rain totals just as we had predicted earlier in the week. 




Please let us know what your rain gauge shows-picture showing what’s in your gauge are great, especially those of you who have Weather Watcher rain gauges. We have given away close to 200 of them so please SHARE YOUR WEATHER!

Here is the Storm Prediction Centers Severe Outlooks-Slight chances today and tomorrow. 



If you need to check for warnings you can always check our website www.SevereWeather.US or by clicking HERE

We will keep you posted….

Questions, just ask!

Thank you again for all of the GREAT pictures from yesterday!!