Hello Weather Watchers! What an incredible day weatherwise. The powerful storm system did everything we thought it would do-it continues to wreak havoc over the upper Midwest. 

Keep in mind that we believe weather patterns cycle. This years cycle time is around 40-43 days which is much quicker than last years pattern. The storm we saw today WILL return around Christmas! Will it be as strong? Will it be further South and colder providing the Central Plains with snow chances OR will we see more Thunderstorms due to the warm El Niño pattern?  

Looks as though we could see an active pattern for the next week or two…..

We are posting one image that just came out with the newest model run. One word can describe the image. Can you guess that one word??

If you guess that one word correctly, you will be entered into a contest for a Weather Watchers hoodie.

It might be a little difficult for some–give it a try though, that’s how you learn! 

Remember, use only one word. 

HINT: the image is the model for next Tuesday afternoon at 3pm – the colors on the image indicate temperatures. 

Questions-please ask! 
Good luck!!