Good Tuesday morning Weather Watchers.

Before we begin our blog we always start with current observations it gives us an idea of what is happening at the surface around the State while we have been sleeping.

 This is this mornings Observations: 
If we see any precipitation on the map we then look at the radar:

It gives us a quick view of what is happening Statewide. We then pull up the Satellite images:

Visible image:

Water Vapor image:

On the Water Vapor image you can really see what is going on- White represents moisture- bright white indicates Storms. Black indicates dry air. Can you tell where the area of High Pressure is?? Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Can you see the monsoonal moisture streaming North?

The next thing we look at is the SPC page- Day One Outlook:

It gives us a quick look at what the SPC is thinking for the day-each color means something different….what do you see in the above image? We see that parts of the State have a slight risk of Severe Weather (Yellow color)

We then begin checking the Computer Models – the NAM and GFS models starting at the top of the atmosphere,  250mb (34,000 ft ) working our way down to the surface. Every level is different and has something to tell us about what to expect in the coming hours and days. 


Hot and Humid conditions South and East. Heat indexes as high as 109. Follow heat precautions.

Late afternoon through late evening Thunderstorms- Strong winds, hail to quarter size and heavy downpours can be expected – Storms will form during Maximum heating in the areas highlighted areas in Western Kansas and move East/ Northeast. Additional development MIGHT take place in Central KS from left over outflow boundaries. 

We focused on the Reno County Tornado yesterday – some areas got decent rainfall- would like to hear your rainfall totals as well as hail size and if you got any damage. 

Please post them for us.

Again, GREAT JOB Sharing your weather!! We had hundreds of AMAZING pictures!!

Lastly, as we learned yesterday, it is very important to let people know where you took your picture and when you took your picture. If we all make a conscious effort to do that, it will prevent any confusion. 

WHAT-WHERE-WHEN is what to remember when posting anything Weather related.

Have a GREAT day everyone!

If you need help setting up Periscope to watch our LIVE REPORTS call our Weather line 1-559-71-STORM, we are happy to help. 

Weather Watchers