Hi Weather Watchers! This El Niño pattern was supposed to bring Southern CA, much of the SW, Central and Southern Plains as most of the Southeast US above average precipitation this Winter. Here in Kansas we got off to a slow warm start. For the most part we have seen above average moisture in November and December before the pattern changed and through our forecast off course. We lost our SW flow and switched to a Northwest flow with what has been a persistent area of High pressure right off the Southern CA coast.

The Storm system that we were anticipating giving us some decent moisture is developing further South into OK and TX then moving into East ( see map below ). A strong area of Low pressure will draw Gulf moisture North and very fast river of wind will provide Significant wind shear, enough to cause a DANGEROUS SEVERE WEATHER OUTBREAK Tuesday and Tuesday night.

This SEVERE WEATHER OUTBREAK will be particularly dangerous as the threat for Tornados will last into the overnight hours. 


In one of the images above we intensionally made an error. Let us know what you think it is to be entered into the drawing for the Weather Radio. Even if you aren’t correct you are still entered! 

Lastly, based on the long term forecasting we utilize from Josh and Joe here is what we are thinking temperature wise through mid March. We still think the ridge out West will break down and things will get more interesting. We will post the precipitation anomalies tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Be prepared for cooler temps and STRONG NORTH/NORTHWEST WINDS here in the next couple of days….

Questions, please ask!