Good afternoon Weather Watchers! Thunderstorm initiation has begun along the Cold front in NW Kansas.


The Low is just SE of Goodland. The Cold front extends Northeast from the Low. We should see more T-Storms begin to fire along the Cold front. Some of the stronger T-Storms could produce quarter size or larger hail and 60mph winds. 

Further South along the Dryline- Scott City South to Hugoton then further South into the panhandles, T-Storms are trying to overcome the CAP. As the dryline moves East into more moist surface conditions T-Storms should become somewhat more well defined.


Some models show T-Storms forming East of the US283 corridor- other models show development further East along the US281 corridor. 

Let’s see what happens in the next hour or so as these T-Storms try and get going. 


Have questions- just ask. Let’s see how things develop….