Hello Weather Watchers. We told you over a month ago that the COLD temps would return and the models are starting to show it.

We didn’t need the models to tell us the COLD is returning our Long Range forecasting technique did.

We have a preview of the Cold Air this Sunday with a chance of light snow as a piece energy moves Southeast with the Cold temps.. Temperatures should plummet into the Upper teens to Low 20s for Highs Sunday returning to the 40s Monday before more Arctic Air returns mid to late week.

We expect additional pieces of ARCTIC AIR to move in from the NNW after Sunday.

The Jet Stream is at its peak intensity now and will slowly start decreasing until mid June when the very weak Summer or Tropical Jet takes over. Until then, the Gulf of Mexico is starting to warm-up with temps in the 80s daily. As this continues and warmer temperatures and moisture are drawn into Cold fronts and storm systems hopefully this will provide us some chances for moisture via Thunderstorms in the upcoming Spring months.

We must be honest – drought breeds drought.

Here is a wheat field in South Central KS.

We do see a few decent Severe Weather set-ups based on our Long Range Forecasting technique- the question will be, can or will Western and Central Kansas see Gulf moisture drawn North or will it be shifted East where we have seen the Winter Systems intensify.

Other areas:

Amarillo has not seen moisture for 110 days straight- an all time record. Los Angeles is on pace for a ALL TIME RECORD for the driest 12 month period EVER if it receives no more than 2″ over the next 2 months. They have had 2 cycles with Santa Ana winds and fires with 5000 structures burned North of LA during one of those disasters. Earlier this month they had mudslides which claim almost 30 lives and left many homeless which was a direct result from the fires – rainfall caused these horrific hillside slides.

Many areas in Kansas are seeing the 4th year with less than 3″ of total snow and less than 1″ of moisture over the last 90+ days.

This next couple weeks of the Pattern should give us Below Average temps from about the 7-8th on. We should see above average temps by the Third week of February.

Would love to hear your questions….

Have a great day….

Weather Watchers!