Hello Weather Watchers…..

We are issuing an Arctic Air Watch ( it’s something we at Weather Watchers do ) for late next week. Thursday-Friday time frame. The VERY cold air should modify by the time it reaches Central KS – but the following week could get REAL CHILLY if our cycle times accurate…

Highs forecasted Thursday 12/07–20s & 30s

Low temps Friday 12/8

This piece of Cold Air looks like it moves South mid to late week next week with a quick return flow. Longer range models show and even COLDER piece of energy moving South the week of 12/10. CONFIDENCE is LOW at this point. HOWEVER- our long range forecast technique that is cycling at 47-52 days should bring some COLD air to us around 1213-12/15.

We experienced some very cold air a week before Halloween which should return the week of 12/11 if we have our cycles correct.

Look at the maps above – the first one is the Surface map from 7AM on the 22nd of October with the one below it the 500mb map showing a deep trough across middle America….

Look at the 1st Map above – it’s the Surface map showing 7am temps in the TEENS on 10/28…so let’s do the math……The 28th of Oct to Dec 13 is 47 days…SOOO will that RECORD Cold from Oct 28th return??? If our cycle times are correct, the Cold Air should return – (remember our cycles are 47-52 days)

The models are showing one heck of a winter storm close by the week of 12-11…is it fantasy? MOST LIKELY IT IS A FANTASY STORM – we can’t seem to get moisture North….it is a time frame we will be watching though….especially for COLD AIR….

Looking back at October and November records – beginning on the 27th of November through the 10th of November – our daily temperatures ran below normal. Another reason we should pay close attention around the middle of December through Christmas for below normal temps….

Questions- please ask!!