Hi Weather Watchers!

One more day of warm above average temps with windy conditions before a STRONG Cold front moves through the State knocking temps back to seasonal norms. 

The chances of moisture with this system look to be for areas along and East of the Turnpike. 

After this front moves through, temps will fall into the upper 50s to low 60s. 

Another strong system will be in the area by the middle of next week. Depending where this system forms  will depend on who gets what. 

Early to mid week look windy and temps increasing until another Strong system goes through cyclogenisus ( forms the comma shape image) right on top of us.

This could draw down some much cooler air on the NW side of the low- something we will be watching.

The system moves rapidly NE and deepens even more to around 980mb-making it a very strong system with lots of wind – could we see some lake effect snow around the Great Lakes? We will keep an eye on this system.

Questions, please ask!