Good Sunday afternoon Weather Watchers!

Let’s take a look a the progression of the radar today:

This is the satellite image ( water vapor image ) it shows moisture ( white colors ) the brighter the white indicates showers and storms. The brighter white in South Central KS represent some nice showers on the NW side of the Low.

On the Southeast side of the Low it is warmer, more unstable and must better wind shear in the atmosphere. A Tornado threat is likely in East Oklahoma now and Arkansas today.  
MONDAY: We warm up significantly! 20 degrees above normal which is around 55. So expect temperatures in the mid to upper 70s before a couple of cool fronts move through Tuesday and again Thursday/Friday.

We even have chances of Rain/Snow mix Friday night into Saturday. Central KS could see a freeze. Then is looks like we warm up again. 


Here is what is happening off of the West Coast- it shows the area of High pressure that has had an impact on Kansas Weather. We truly thought this would break down by now an it looks to be holding tough. 

February was the warmest February on record since the late 1800’s.-

Notice the cool anomaly ( Lt Blue area ) just South of Greenland in the Atlantic. Some climatologists think that this could be a sign of the Atlantic Ocean starting to turn. A very interesting discussion on many of the NASA and NOAA message boards. 
Take a look at the El Niño graphics

This shows that El Niño began in the first quarter of last year and continues  

This shows you that El Niño will likely be decreasing but could last through the end of the year…and possibly longer. 


El Niño has disrupted our long term forecast. We are entering the 4th 50 day cycle, will the Pacific ridge break down to allow some SW flow? That is where most of our moisture producing systems came from in November and December. 

It is something we will be keeping an eye on.