Hello Weather Watchers!

We wanted to introduce you to another piece of information we use. It’s called a SKEW-T – which is a thermodynamic diagram used in weather analysis and forecasting.

We get data from Weather Service offices that launch balloons into the atmosphere a couple times a day as well as data from airplanes flying across the country- all the data collected creates these diagrams at certain latitudes and longitudes.

Here was a SKEW-T from Southeast KS around 8AM.

The left hand side show the height in the atmosphere.

The bottom numbers represent Temperatures in Celsius ( we use Fahrenheit as that’s what your are familiar with ).

The right hand side shows us wind speeds and wind direction as heights increase.

The Red line represents Temperatures- The Green line represents dew-points.

This diagram is a very important tool for determining precipitation type as well as Severe Weather.

We just wanted to share it with you- not sure it we have ever discussed it.

Now can you see why we had Thunderstorms? They developed in the warm and moist air… makes sense now doesn’t it??


Here is great picture from Weather Watcher Kolette Gilbert in NW Lyon County. It represents Kansas well!

Look at the Ice on those heifers!

We will update you on tomorrow’s thoughts this afternoon-


It’s SLICK!!

**If you are heading South- I-35 is slick and hazardous into OKC as cold air has moved further South!