Happy Tuesday Weather Watchers!

Let’s take a look at overnight lows last night. Many were lucky as clouds insulated areas which prevented temperatures from dropping below freezing. West Central Kansas and Northeast Kansas experienced a hard freeze as you can tell by the map.

We are still watching the storm system that will affect the Central Plains. It is approaching the Pacific Northwest and then will move South. It will sit and spin over the four corners and as it spins it will eject pieces of energy which translate as triggers for rain and Thunderstorms as early as Thursday night- but more likely Friday through Monday as the Lows itself moves slowly towards Kansas.

 The potential for heavy rainfall exists Saturday-Monday. 
We could also see some Severe Weather associated with this system as it arrives on Friday in far Western sections of Kansas, South into Western Texas and Oklahoma. 

As this system continues to develop the details will become clearer-we can pin down timing of the system as well as better precipitation estimates.


Lastly, the models are starting to advertise what could be out first Severe Weather outbreak for Saturday the 23rd as rich Gulf moisture streams North. This is something we will definitely be watching…..

Enjoy these next couple of days, they will be beautiful. 

Questions, please ask…

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