The jet stream is at its weakest point for us in the Northern Hemisphere and has retreated North. It won’t be long before we start to see a few hints at our NEW PATTERN. That will give is an idea of what to expect weather-wise this Winter through next Summer- we know it could be interesting with such a strong ENSO.

Here are the current conditions in the Sunflower State – upper 70s to low 80s with low dewpoints- making the “feels like” temperature very comfortable!


In the next few days we will be tracking an area of Low Pressure that is separated from the main flow and we will watch it track East to West- it is a VERY RARE occurence and it is called a Retrograding Low- let’s take a look at the models:

 As you can see the Jet Stream is way North as of 7am Sat with an area of High pressure over the Southwest US. The Low begins to form over the Southeast US. 
By Sunday the High moves further West- allowing the Low to move over the Texas Louisianna Coastline.  

The Low increases in size and could possibly become a weak tropical system if it is able to hangout over the very warm coastal waters in that area… Something we will be watching closely.

The last chart which is good to look at the 500mb forecast into mid next week- we see that Retrograding Low hanging off the Coast of Texas AND….

We see a Split Flow pattern showing up around one week from today- that usually indicates the potential for some wet weather somewhere close by. WE ARE STILL SEEING THE LOW HANGING OUT JUST OFF THE TEXAS COAST making me thing the potential for something tropical getting whipped up…Again, something we need to watch…as the LOW to our forecast over Nebraska could draw moisture Northward making for a wet period-

THESE ARE JUST TALKING POINTS NOW– something we will be watching in future model runs…

Have a nice day-

Hope you can see some Meteors between 1-4 am. You should be able to see one to two every 20 minutes or so according to the info we have seen.

Questions- just ask….


How much rain did the folks along that narrow band of heavy rain in Western KS get?  Post some totals….