Hi Weather Watchers!

Expect an incredible day across the Sunflower State today. 

Here are the current observations:

Notice the dewpoints in the Western 1/2 are lower than we have seen for some time- the Feel Good index should be HIGH today!  In Eastern sections they are higher where we have had much more rain. Most areas have light North winds that will eventually switch back to the South. Temps today will be mids 80s to Low 90s.

SUNDAY– a chance for ISOLATED Thunderstorms – don’t postpone any plans… These are possible along a weak cool front.

 This is the pattern we are in…

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 Holiday weekend:

We will likely see Scattered chances of Thunderstorms from Wednesday on as pieces of energy move Southeast across areas of the State via the jet stream.

A more significant Cold front looks to be in the area Friday night through Saturday night. Strong to Marginally Severe storms are possible. 

Our long term forecast indicated we would begin an unsettled period around July 5th, that forecast looks on track- maybe a day or two early.


If you have questions, let us know

Enjoy your weekend!