Hello Weather Watchers!

We will experience one last transition day where temps will be warmer across Southern KS than they will be over the Northern half.

The NAM and GFS model both provide moisture signals for overnight tonight- this is 3am, showing decent rainfall through around mid morning.

Here is what we are all waiting on….Tuesday, when temperatures peak in the low to mid 80s and the high humidities are pushed South!

Can you find the HIGH on the map above??

Thursday we begin to see return flow- upper 80s to around 90. Still amazing weather for August.

The previous slides have shown what is happening at the surface. 

This is what is happening at 500mb or around 18-19k above the surface.

The red indicates the jet stream, which is at its weakest for the year. It will begin strengthening in the next few weeks and it becomes the strongest during Winter.

The Blue H represents the upper lever High or RIDGE that provides us with tranquil weather.. The Eastern U.S. will be under the influence of a trough and will have chances of active weather as long as we are in this pattern. 

 Have a good day Weather Watchers!
Let’s us know your RAIN totals as Southern KS had Thunderstorms develop overnight and move along Hwy 400. 

Questions, please ask…..