Good afternoon Weather Watchers! I just have to show you this….The ONLY Weather Warning Nationwide is. FREEZE WARNING in SW Texas!! Is that amazing or what? Tells you what kind of week to expect. 

 Winds will finally change directions from the Northeast to SSE bringing warmer air and gulf moisture back North. 

Here is what it looks like today- as the HIGH moves East return flow begins bring back warm air towards Kansas from the Gulf of Mexico.   
When we get return flow it brings back moisture which this time of year leads to Thunderstorms. Our next decent chance of Storms looks to come around Monday – Wednesday NEXT WEEK. Severe Storms look to be possible next week.  


This week looks to be an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL WEEK – light winds and Temps in the low 80s for the Western 1/2 of the State by the weekend. Maybe a Thunderstorm Sunday night. 

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