Good Evening Weather Watchers

The models are doing a HORRIBLE job with what seems to be changes in the atmosphere.

You will likely think I might be somewhat crazy with this next statement. 

I think our seasons are changing significantly based on what the calendar shows. 

If you remember, here in South Central KS we had temps in the 60s for Highs a week before Memorial Day weekend. We never really warmed up last Spring and we didn’t see true Gulf moisture (dewpoints in the 60s) until after Memorial weekend.

We have been in that cool portion of last years pattern for the last week. 

Here are the CPC thoughts through the 18th of the Month.

Temperature predictions:   


The Jet Stream continues to toy with us providing some strong cold fronts; keeping the storm track mostly North along the Canadian border. 

With all that said…the pattern is changing….our guys are fairly confident that the pattern cycle is around 41-43 days. 

We should be able to provide you with color maps showing anticipated temps/precip very soon- MUCH more user friendly than the graphs we used in the past.

So, WARMER than normal through the 18th- with a couple cool fronts that will bring temps back to normal – low to mid 70s.

Below average precip – no large scale storm systems providing meaningful rainfall. Showers maybe mid to late this week followed by several dry days.

If we are right- November looks like we see a BIG cool down early on with chances of decent rainfall close to Halloween….more as we get closer…

Hang in there Weather Watchers….things are changing…they are just not happening at the surface where you can see them with your eyes. You will see them soon enough though… 

 Check out this mornings Sunrise thanks to Weather Watcher Greg West of Hutchinson.

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