Hello again Weather Watchers!!

This Weather is just FASCINATING!!

58 days ago today, Dec 27th, a Strong, negatively tilted Storm System was over SW Kansas with Heavy Snow… A similar system is affecting the area… Today’s storm is STRONGER and is a Closed Low!!

Current image

Radar loop- click on the Triangle- it will show you SW KS from the Dodge City Radar where the Blizzard is underway!


Another radar view from Wichita showing Thunderstorms moving NNE ahead of the Blizzard –


Here are the current regional conditions:

Let us know what you are experiencing…


If weather affects how you feel, you are likely feeling it this morning especially when you are close to the Low…you in Central Kansas will feel it more so this afternoon as the Low Pressure strengthens and is in your area…..

Thanks everyone!!

Weather Watchers

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