Hi Weather Watchers!

A Mesoscale Convective System moved on the Northern edge of the Ring of Fire overnight. I see some decent rainfalls along and especially North of I-70 – let us know what you received. 


Here is what the radar looked like around 1:30am

Current radar:

 We did see a few reports of Penny size hail and Thunderstorm wind damage along the leading edge of the MCS.


The Western 1/2 of the State will be Hot, but not enough for a Heat advisory. East of I-135 temps will be in the upper 80s to low 90s.

Another MCS is possible overnight tonight- prior to that chances of Thunderstorms are possible as daytime temps reach their maximums. 

Still seeing a cool front moving through the State on Sunday- bringing temps down into the Mid to Upper 80s with Thunderstorm chances Sun-Wed

Have a GREAT day!