Hello Weather Watchers! A fast moving Low with a trailing Cold front will move across the Northern US early in the week this coming week giving parts of KS, NE, IA chances of Thunderstorms Tuesday night through early Wednesday.

Let’s look at it on the 500mb map: 

Will we see some Severe Storms with this system? I think we could late Tuesday afternoon into early evening as decent wind shear will be present as well as CAPE.

This trough is slightly positively tilted- and on track timing wise to move through late Tuesday into early Wednesday. 

We cool off Wednesday- highs in the 70s to around 80 and stay close to NORMAL through the end of the week. 

Another chance of Thunderstorms come into the picture Thursday night into Friday as a Vorticity Max moves across the Sunflower State.

 Many of you have asked our thoughts about El Niño and how it will impact our Winter. It is very early to discuss the impact of El Niño but something we will be watching. 

Besides El Niño called  ENSO – we will also be watching the Arctic Oscillation or AO- the AO has been negative all Summer which has been responsible for our very Average to Sightly below Average summer temps. 

A negative AO during the Winter usually means a cooler than average, a positive AO is just the opposite.

We will be discussing El Niño a lot in the future, stay tuned…

If you have specific questions, please ask. 

Have a great day…