Hello Weather Watchers!!  As we have stated we are beginning to see changes to the Intraseasonal Oscillation – a cycling weather pattern that develops every Fall and continue through the following Summer. 

The pattern and cycle length is different every year- 

We are thinking that this years cycle length is around 45-50 days. This will be confirmed as we move further into Fall.

AS FAR AS WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE NEAR-TERM –This weekend will be HOT with temperatures in the upper 90s and FEELS LIKE TEMPERATURES around 100-103 by Sunday.

A cold front moves slowly towards the Sunflower State…and then stalls from Northeast KS to Southwest KS by Monday. 

 The great news is the COLD FRONT is fairly strong bringing with it cooler temps. Expecting Highs in the 70s by mid to late week next week.

Have questions?? Please ask…

Have a GREAT weekend!!