Hello weather watchers!

This is what happens when you get close to 2″ at arrowhead in 45 minutes.


Everyone made it out safe with the Chiefs leading 34-10 when the game was called with 3:10 left in the 4th Quarter.



Would you believe me if I said we have a good idea when to expect Wichita’s first freeze? 

We also have a good idea how long our cycles are this year…..you might be very surprised…..

### Someone asked yesterday what significance was with large temperature/dewpoint spreads ###

This is what occurs when you have large spreads. Occurred today around 530pm, looking East from Newton. 

Very high cloud bases with a landspout type Tornado.

The lower the spreads the better the moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere which could produce tornadoes. These are what we were expecting to see yesterday with surface temps in the 90s and dews in the 60s.


Have a great Saturday!