If you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan, the Weather for Saturday’s game could be very interesting with a NorEaster developing just offshore.

Will we see rain, snow, strong winds or will the system develop further offshore?

Here is what the most recent GFS is thinking:


More on this tomorrow….

We have been in the part of the pattern that was boring with few storm systems. 

Trust us- things will get active again. 

Kansas is forecast to warm up Wednesday and Thursday before another cold front moves through. Some models keep the Cold air very close by instead of just the glancing blow we experienced this last weekend. The models are doing a PATHETIC JOB of handling the cold air as the storm systems over the next 7-10 days.

This weekend is the 50 day mark for our Thanksgiving Ice storm- There is no Cut-off Low this time where we saw 4-6 days of inclimate weather with the Low that just wobbled around. We do see the “kicker” to that Thanksgiving storm which is a storm that intensifies quickly to our East- it actually becomes the NorEaster that could affect the Chiefs game in the Meadowlands Saturday.

Enjoy 50 degree temps the next couple of days before our next change. 
The active portion of the pattern should begin to show up soon. 

Have a great day everyone…

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