Hi Weather Watchers!!

The models are starting to bring some colder Canadian air down into the Central Plains this coming weekend.

This is the position of the front at 3pm Friday:  
Saturday the front makes it into the Southern Plains:

 This cool air will moderate as the area of High pressure moves East and puts the Southern and Central Plains in an area of return flow allowing for some WAA (Warm Air Advection) before THE POTENTIAL of some Arctic Air Thanksgiving week….
Thanksgiving Day temperatures could be falling throughout the day as this STRONG Arctic front heads South very quickly!


Black Friday looks COLD across the Northern and Central Plains IF THIS MODEL SOLUTION  VERIFIES!
 We are not even going to show precipitation potential- it has been all over the place – temperature profiles have been somewhat consistent so we thought we would show you what we are seeing.
Remember, this solution might not even verify – the CPC (climate prediction center) is biting on this solution and shows it VERY BELOW AVERAGE temp wise over the Western 2/3 of the US through the first week of December.

They are also showing above average precipitation – models have been all over the place- we will continue to watch this potential Cold outbreak.

Stay tuned Weather Watchers…

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