Hi Weather Watchers!

We are watching a STRONG cold front with very strong winds at different levels of the atmosphere. Remember what we call that?? If you do post your answer in the comment section and we will draw for a WEATHER RADIO tomorrow morning.

Here is the outline of the Tornado Watch

Here is the 500mb winds (18,000′) they are very strong!

Here are the 850mb winds around 3500′ 

The risk for Tornados >EF2 is HIGH today per the Storm Prediction Center. We have very rich Gulf moisture in place – dewpoints of 65-75. We have atmospheric conditions that are just right as well as a trigger ( cold front) – what we have that is marginal and will help keep Tornado intensity low is CAPE- Convective Available Potential Energy. In the Spring with temps in the 80s and low 90s – this would be an outbreak day…Something to remember next Spring….

Here are current conditions-can you see where the cold front is?

Here is the current radar- the area we circled is not under any Watches-but could be later – A Warning is in effect for areas East of Independence currently heading towards the Pittsburg KS area.



Much cooler temps into the weekend warming back up by Sunday with another Cold front mid week next week.