Hello Weather Watchers!

Here were conditions at 3PM

A surface low in SW Kansas is likely making those of you with autoimmune issues sore today- it will remain close by through tomorrow noon. This as well as the COLDEST AIR of the season is working its way South and then will trek Northeast.


Sustained North winds of 25-30mph with gusts around 40 will continue through Monday afternoon-THIS WILL KEEP WIND CHILLS IN THE TEENS MOST OF THE DAY.

Here is where the Cold front and surface Low are located as of 11PM.

As you can see, temps range from the 30s in the Northern sections to the 40s in Southern and Central KS.

Temps will continue to fall throughout the night and the COLD AIR lags somewhat.

Again- EXPECT strong North winds until Monday afternoon.

VERY LIGHT MOISTURE is possible from Central (Snow) to Southeast KS ( Freezing Drizzle ) during the very early morning hours.

The VERY COLD area of HIGH PRESSURE settles in Monday into the overnight hours Monday night before the High moves off to the East with return flow (South/Southeast winds) begin to return Tues evening into the overnight- returning temps to the 50s by Wednesday. Still slightly below normal.


We expect a few storm systems the last half of the month based on our Long Range forecasting technique.

  • It’s still to early to provide all the details but the big takeaway in our new pattern is that we can expect some VERY COLD outbreaks this winter with less moisture than we had in last years pattern. The D word, at least in the short term, should continue to expand in Western & Southwestern KS. We are expecting the Dry conditions to expand into Central KS.
  • We will have a much better idea of cycle length over the next 3 weeks or so.

    Stay tuned for full details coming becoming much clearer over the next 2-4 weeks.

    If you have questions, please ask!

    We will try and answer them.

    Weather Watchers