Happy New Years Eve Weather Watchers!!


The 1052mb High is making its way South and East and will be located over Northeast KS through tomorrow morning.

As this area of High Pressure weakens and moves East, return flow ( Clockwise winds around the High ) will begin to return us to Southerly winds which in turn will warm all areas. Low 50s Southwest, 40s Central and Upper 30s Northeast by Friday ahead of another Cold front.

Still no precipitation in our future. Based on our long range forecasting technique we are growing more and more confident and concerned that this years Pattern will be produce BELOW NORMAL PRECIPITATION.

Take a look at this image from Nebraska yesterday as a secondary push of Arctic Air was moving Southeast it encountered Warm moist air (CAPE) rising off of a large body of water with winds aloft just right it caused multiple weak funnels.

Here is another one over one of the Great Lakes mixed in with a band of Lake effect snow!!

It looks much more impressive:

Pretty interesting huh?

Is anyone seeing any snow bands set up over large bodies of water here in Kansas? Conditions have been right…

Hope you all have a SAFE & WARM New Years Eve.

If you drink, have fun, but please don’t drive….

Weather Watchers