Hi Weather Watchers! 

We are still on the cool side of the STRONG Cold front that came through Friday afternoon/evening and stalled in OK.

The Cold front will be turning into a Warm front moving back North towards the Kansas border Monday evening, especially close to South Central Kansas where the potential for heavy rainfall seems to be increasing.

I am going to show you some different models DO NOT focus on the exact location of where they show the heaviest rain potential- the key is that the models are picking up on the heavy rain potential. We should see widespread 1-2″ rainfalls with some locally heavier totals based on where the warm front sets up.

The Severe Weather Threat stays in Northern and especially NW OK tomorrow. 

Moisture will overrun the Warm front putting down lots of moisture just North of that Warm front…

As you can tell by the models they have different solutions on how far North that warm front will move.