You might be wondering why we want you to sign-up for a Free account on our New website. 

We are working towards being able to provide regional forecasts, something we couldn’t do previously.  

We also want you utilize the SHARE YOUR WEATHER feature on the website. You have the ability to post your own comments, images or video if you have an Account.


We have learned in the last 2 years, by using many different modes of social media, that hearing/viewing accurate reports of weather events is what Weather enthusiasts and the general public want. There is no one better to provide those reports than you, our WEATHER WATCHER in the field! As we help you better understand the weather,  your reports will become better and better, which will ultimately help save lives and property.

Here is what the site www.SevereWeather.US looks like on an iPhone


If you click on “Select Page” a menu appears below it, click on Sign up. 

****Here is what our webpage looks like from you PC


*** When setting up your account we recommend that you make your USERNAME and tie it to your location- 

Example- John12Hutch, AbbynHays, KimW10Dodge it would help us quickly identify where you are from. Just an idea..






Notice the Blue arrow at the very top of the page- if you click on “Kansas” it will bring up a map of Kansas showing any current warning polygons as well as the written warning details- something you can look at quickly. 


Once you sign up, you will be the FIRST to get updates. They are emailed to all of our Weather Watchers who have accounts first. 

Another neat feature of the website is that you can connect with and message other Weather Watchers in you area or around the State. 

If you have ANY questions, please let us know.  Call us 559-71STORM we will help walk you through the process.

Looking forward to sharing MANY other features that are coming…..

Thank you Weather Watchers!

Lastly, as of today, we will only be giving Weather Watcher prizes away to those who have User IDs. So PLEASE SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ACCOUNT!