Good evening Weather Watchers.. 

Here are the current WARNINGS in Kansas.

Take appropriate precautions if you are in or close to a warned Storm. 

Thank you all for sharing your weather!! GREAT job! 

Myself and another Weather Watcher Moderator were out tonight with our families- we reported a funnel cloud/Wall Cloud we personally viewed. We contacted the NWS responsible for that area- they couldn’t see how it could happen- well Mr NWS, it did happen and we have the wonderful images documenting it. 30 minutes later that storm was warned for a Tornado. 

Never again will the NWS get a report from Weather Watchers…..NEVER….

This was the second time this has occurred.

We care about EVERY ONE OF YOU.

All we want to do is keep you, your family and friends safe. 

We will continue to do just that…..