Hello Weather Watchers!

Andy Smith of Hutchinson is our Day 11 Winner! Thank you for participating Andy!

We hope you all have enjoyed our Contest.

The 12th Day of Christmas is here- The Gift is spending the day with our Chase Team next Spring during a Severe Weather event. Our Chase Team is VERY SAFE and will educate you. They go out in the field to document and continue to learn about Severe Storms- especially on days where Supercell’s and Tornado’s are possible.

Developing Storm around the triple point in NW KS

You can tell by the few images posted – you are always positioned in a safe place.

The winner of this Gift can bring another person with them. We will give you 2-4 days notice. For safety purpose we never chase after dark. That has been a rule we have used for years.

Everyone who has already won a gift is eligible to win this final gift.

Todays question is: What has been your FAVORITE Christmas tradition?

We will be accepting one answer per person until 5pm tomorrow, Thursday, Dec 7th 5pm. All those who supply answers will entered into a drawing with one name drawn after 5pm Thursday Dec 7th.

Finally, we would like to encourage all Weather Watchers to step outside of your comfort zone and do something kind for someone you don’t even know during this Holiday season. Whether it is buying a gift for someone from an Angel tree or making cookies for local nursing home residents to taking blankets to the homeless–Just do something….. #bekind

Merry Christmas to all of our Weather Watchers

Good luck!!