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Thanks for your responses yesterday.

Amy Lackey from Sterling KS was our Day 2 Winner!!

The picture we showed you was of a Cumulonimbus cloud. A Cumulus Cloud are the smaller cotton ball clouds that build together via updrafts to become a Cumulonimbus.

Great job noticing the “over shooting top” – which are at the very top of the structure- ABOVE the anvil. When we see an over shooting top it usually is indicative of a Significant Severe storm with a STRONG updraft producing VERY large hail a Strong Winds.

This is a storm you want to pay close attention to- you do not want to drive into this storm.

Questions- please ask….

######### Today’s Question ########

We are continuing with yesterday’s theme….Cloud formations.

What kind of clouds are these?

Today Prizes include:

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We are under the influence of an approaching Ridge….

There is a Trough that is approaching the CA Coast that will bring the rain in the Coastal areas and valleys- this is a warm system of Pacific origin so it won’t be a big snow maker for the Sierras.

As the ridge moves through Monday we here in the Central Plains will see Strong South winds ahead of an approaching dry cold front Tuesday- which will produce STRONG NNW winds for Tuesday.

Temps should hover in the 50s through next weekend with lows in the upper 20s to mid 30s.

Models are still hinting at a POSSIBLE storm system around Dec 4th -Dec 5th

Here is what the 500mb looks like-

We will be watching this system as we have been anticipating a pattern change – this could be it…

For our farmers- I sure hope it the pattern changes- here in Reno County our Winter Wheat looks bad-

This ground should all be a nice green color- not brown/yellow

Drone Image courtesy of Terry White- West of Hutchinson.

Have a GREAT day!!