An “insane” Weather day (as the younger chasers say) unfolded yesterday in Kansas, South through the Texas panhandle. At one point, we counted 13 Tornado warned storms in and around the area.

?Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the the person who lost their life and the two who remain in critical condition.?


Some incredible pictures came out of last nights event…If you would like to share- please do.

Brett Wright of Tornado Titans shared this image publicly of a primary Tornado and a secondary Tornado close to Dodge City. This particular storm spawned 7 different Tornadoes. 

Amazing image- thanks for sharing. 

This is how it all started… This was South of Dodge City as the initial Storm developed.

I also saw a chaser vehicle that got to close to one of the Strong Tornadoes and the truck was SIGNIFICANTLY damaged- looks like it rolled-

These people call themselves “professional chasers”?? I think if you have to get that close to the Tornado just to get the shot, we must re-evaluate things. There is NO reason for that to ever happen. 

I’ll get off my soap box after I say this. I have no empathy for those who become part of the problem taking resources away from someone who might need Emergency services just so you can make $5000 or whatever your fee is for the “best shot”.  I’ve been doing this for 30 years, when it was the NERDY thing to do…I’ve never once put myself  or anyone with me in harms way!

Just like journalists, when you become part of the story, something is wrong. 

We share weather and ask that you do the same BUT NEVER AT RISK TO YOUR LIFE OR SOMEONE ELSES!

Ok- back to the Weather…

After the storms congealed into an MCS, Central and Eastern Kansas received some hefty rain totals. I have just shy of 3″ here in Hutchinson, KS. What were your rain totals??


You will definitely want to stay in touch with us over the next 24-30 hours as Thursday HAS THE POTENTIAL to be another day similar to Tuesday.

Here are the current SPC threat assessments:

SIGNIFICANT SEVERE WEATHER IS ANTICIPATED NEAR THE DRYLINE AND TRIPLE POINT once again as a POWERFUL piece of energy moves out into Western Kansas tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening . 

Another outbreak is possible-so please  be prepared!

Friday looks interesting-

Saturday we reload-

Sun – Tues look very unsettled with Severe Storms possible each day.

Please share your rain totals and any images you may have.

Have a good day- a few isolated Storms possible later today as the atmosphere recovers…

Questions, please ask…

LASTLY- Thanks to Weather Watcher Miranda Short from Dodge City for our cover photo- it’s beautiful- taken from the Dodge City Casino looking West.

These are called Crepuscular Rays as they pass through the clouds….