How about a wet maybe even stormy Thanksgiving day?? That looks to be the trend even 7 days out…Yes things can change, I think the only thing we need to worry about changing is the timing issues.

When will the precip begin? When will it end? When does the COLD air follow? 

Let’s take you through the Cold front this weekend and then talk about Thanksgiving  week as many of you are likely going to travel. 

FIRST- how many are going to bed early tonight to make up for the lost sleep from last nights shaker? I know I am…That was one thing on my bucket list, to feel an Earthquake, done! Here are all the quakes in that area in the last 24 hours ( since noon today ) – 7 Earthquakes!!

 Ok- let’s talk about this weekends cold front…will we see any moisture with it? Not in Kansas…
The moisture will stay Northeast of Kansas with a Snow event over most of Iowa! 


Friday Temps:

Saturday temps:


Snow potential for Iowa Saturday: 

 Thanksgiving week begins with Temperatures in the low 60s with an increasing chance of moisture beginning Wednesday evening:

Thursday looks to be quite wet with Snow in Western sections of KS and Thunderstorms Central and East. Models showing very nice moisture return with 1-3″ of liquid moisture possible if this current forecast verifies.

We are seeing a trend for a storm in the area on Thanksgiving as well as increasing chances for much COLDER AIR.


Here is the 6-10 day outlook Nov 25- Nov 29:

Have questions, please ask!!

AGAIN- our Thanksgiving forecast is 7 days out-stay tuned as it will likely change.