I remember this part of the pattern very well, do you? Based on the seasonal differences we will likely see above average temps with a few below normal temps.

We have seen it 3 times this Winter.

Our cycle is around 48 days

Remember the WINDY system this week?? I put it in my phones Calendar 96 days prior – I was off by 1day-

I also put it in my calendar as a reminder that a significant storm would be in the area close to April 25

(Add it to your calendar as well)

Remember this small amount of moisture that was drawn North because of the strength of the system:

This should be an impressive Severe Weather set up April 23-25…make sure you add it to your calendar and also include June 8-10.

We have other set ups we know will be returning but let’s see how this POWERFUL system will act next time through.


FIRE WEATHER will be increasing as we move into Spring and longer days.

The Grass Fire Danger Index known as the GFDI is the index that we will highlight most every day.

It is HIGH in most all areas daily, the index gets to EXTREME and CRITICAL when we have dry, windy days with low humidities.

Take a look at this graphic from the National Weather Service- we have experienced the driest period since 1895!! As we know, because of the pattern that continually cycles, we are is a drought that will likely continue until the pattern transitions this fall.

FORECAST: Cold front comes through today bringing STRONG NW Winds to West and NW Kansas- cooling temps for Sunday and Monday Statewide. We start a warm-up next week reaching the 60s and 70s by Thursday into Friday before another front ( likely dry) moves through.

Fire threat is High Statewide but ELEVATED in these areas: