Good morning Weather Watchers!

How many felt the Earthquakes last night? Two quakes, a 4.3 and the strongest 4.8 were 38 seconds apart last night between 10:27-10:28.

Most we centered around Alva, OK.

A total of 12 quakes occurred between the first one at 10:27 last night and the last one at 2:37 this morning. All measuring between 2.4-4.8. 
Rain has been falling overnight as you can see on radar. Notice the shape of the rain shield- it’s a piece of energy rotating through- so if you are achy this morning that’s likely why.

  Rain will likely rotate Northeast through this afternoon-

Another system moves into the area tomorrow late afternoon into the evening hours as some of the coldest air of the season heads South for our weekend.
Here is how the previous should begin tomorrow:

This is the GFS model- it has been the most bullish giving Southwest through Central KS a few inches of Snow (2-3)

The European and NAM Models give most areas just a trace.

We are thinking 1-2″ isn’t out of the question for SW-Central KS.

COLD AIR invades Saturday and Sunday with highs only in the 20s. With brisk North winds on Saturday…


Temperatures look to Moderate some early next week before another glancing blow of Arctic air heads our way.. Models aren’t handling it to well but the AO – Arctic Oscillation we look at is forecast to go into very negative territory which is an indication of Cold air spilling South from Canada. 

  Have a great day- 

Let us know if you felt the Earthquakes

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