When we see a potential significant weather event we are going to give you a “Heads up”.

Earlier today a storm was developing in Chase County. At the same time the storm prediction center sent out a message telling us to Watch the storm in Chase as is was likely surfaced based along the Warm front and could develop a Tornado. 

Immediately, we switched the Radar into Base Reflectivity mode which shows us which way the wind is blowing in the lower levels of the storm. 

This is what we saw which indicated the storm is rotating. 

10 minutes later we received a report of a semi blown over in the area. 

What we look at when looking for rotation on the radar is the Reds and greens- they represent which way the winds are blowing-

Green = Winds headed towards radar

Red = Winds moving away from radar

As you can see on the image above the  radar indicated rotation which is why we put out the heads up for a possible developing Tornado. 

We weren’t the only group to do that at Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Goodwin of WIBW in Topeka tweeted this at 2:28… We posted at 2:22…

That same storm is still rotating at 4:38 – most likely rain wrapped and not visible. 

 We got a post from Collin Hooks saying we were “hyping” things as usual. 

Collin Hooks is supposedly a member of Extreme Chaser Network – and works or worked with KWCH according to his own FB page-

Next Mr Hooks posts this asking Facebook to remove us for posting Tornado Warnings and Hyping Weather events. 


I am 50 years old- I have done this for 25 years. I will not be accused of “hyping” anything.

When we see something, we will say something- and as always in this age of Social Media people are watching you closely – which we expect and have NO ISSUE with.


If you have questions, please ask. We are very open and will always engage our fellow Weather Watchers! 

We started this page to help weather enthusiasts understand Weather better….We don’t want to tell you about Weather, we want to show you about Weather-that’s what we feel we were doing today!


J Powell-Weather Watchers