Hello Weather Watchers!

We wanted to let you know the Fire Threat is HIGH today over the Eastern 3/4 of the State.

The FIRE THREAT continued Statewide Thursday but the significant FIRE threat shifts West- Look in the OK/TX panhandles -DRY THUNDERSTORMS are possible, something typically seen in high elevations or deserts. These storms are lightning producers which add to the fire risk.


IT LOOKS LIKE NORTHEAST AREAS COULD SEE .25″ Thursday night/Friday AM with a Wintry Mix possible over the weekend.

THE EURO MODEL is very bullish with Precip – WE ARE NOT BUYING INTO THIS WET SOLUTION JUST YET AS THE GFS IS NOT AS IMPRESSIVE…let’s see if models converge or diverge on a solution today.

EURO Sunday 7PM

GFS Sunday 7PM:

EURO Monday 7AM:

GFS Monday 7AM:

The track and placement of the LOWS are very similar – the key is moisture return. Will there be enough moisture in place for the Euro Model to verify- we unfortunately don’t think so.