Delta Flight 1889 from Boston to Salt Lake encountered a Severe a Thunderstorm over Nebraska that according to passengers was incredibly turbulent and very loud for just about 1 minute. 

The plane was flying at 650kts at 32,000′, a pretty normal speed and altitude.

Here is a shot of the flight details- it’s AMAZING!

Once they hit the hail the pilots were ON IT and did an emergency descent – they descended 18,000 ft in around 1 minute to get to an altitude where the passengers could have had breathable air in case the cabin became comprised. 

This is why the pilots were worried….

Here is the nose cone which was significantly compromised ( this is where radar and and other instruments are located )  
The engines even sustained damaged according to an article in the Denver paper.

The passengers knew something had happened, but had NO idea that one minute of hail could do this…

Pictures courtesy of Jeff Johnson