We had a few Thunderstorms fire along the front. We had a brief Tornado between Cimmaron and Dodge City- Picture(s) courtesy of Justin Clowdis

See the very tight white circulation in the clouds and the debris cloud on the ground? This was a weak Tornado- great picture. 
If you look in the cloud right above the large tree in the center of the picture, you can see a small funnel cloud:

 Other storms that formed were in Stafford County, over St John- it is dying as well….

Just wanted to update our Farmers who are cutting…. Or who have hay needing bailed- you will be dry until Thursday – when a stronger front moves close by. 

Current radar:

 A few updrafts that are weakening significantly.

Below I have outlined where a few cumulus cloud grew upscale and then collapsed.   

 Keep on cutting!!

Wind, Temps and Dewpoints stay high and strong through Friday- they slow down when we cool off this as a front passes by Thursday PM. We will have to watch for additional rain chances late weekend early next week. 

Good night all-