Hello Weather Watchers!

As usual our day started with technical issues- we did a forecast around 1am that was suppose to post automatically at 6am- it didn’t—we predicted an Enhanced risk- and wallah–

Let’s break down what we think will occur this afternoon into evening.

First- here is the LATEST SPC OUTLOOK -just updated. As you can see not much of a change except to expand the SLIGHT risk further West.

The reason for the ENHANCED risk is LARGE HAIL AND STRONG WINDS…an isolated Tornado or two are not out of the question-

Hail threat: 
Tornado threat- it will occur early with the Strongest cells and ones the interact with a left over outflow boundary that stretches from South of Concordia to just West of Manhattan. THIS IS AN ISOLATED THREAT!

Thunderstorms will develop along a STRONG cold front – this front will be the trigger for storms as it provides plenty of lift. The energy (CAPE)for the Storms will be in place with afternoon heating and humidity in place. These storms will have lots of wind as they eventually begin to line up. 

Here are current conditions:

You will notice that surface winds are weak-winds above the surface are much stronger and will provide the necessary dynamics for Supercells as the initial mode for storms in Northern/North Central KS.

Here is our weather map for 7pm this evening – notice the RED color in Central KS- that is where we thing the most significant severe storms should be…

Watches and Warnings are likely this afternoon into the evening.

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We will keep you posted- you do the same….