These are initial images we have seen in the last several minutes.

 This is the Tornado back lit by lightning:
 Here are tweets from a very experienced chaser:

*UPDATE–Here is some of the massive damage from a 3 building apartment complex…complexes were destroyed: 
We will update you tomorrow with more details- unfortunately it looks like more Significant Tornados are likely through the overnight hours. This system is increasing in strength overnight.

Prayers to our fellow Americans that were hammered today with up to 2o Tornados in Dixie. 4-6 Deaths/Multiple injuries, so far.

5pm Central time–This was from Periscope-We were watching this live when this monster  showed itself through the heavy rain. We knew it was there-but BOOM, within seconds it just showed itself -it was rain wrapped. #amazing #scary

Another outbreak possible tomorrow-  along Mid-Atlantic coast.
Questions- please ask!