As you can tell in Column 5 we had a below normal Winter Feb into March! Any negative number is the how far we were from the “normal temperature”

We are right around Feb 10/11

We will be above average Sunday-Wednesday then we will go below average.

Someone asked us today if we were done with freezes…

NO – the majority of Kansas will see one maybe 2 more freezes before we are comfortable saying plant away.

The 11th & 12th followed by the 15th Those dates correspond with repeating systems as well. Are you tracking with us?

The average temps in South Central KS as of today is 69 for the High and 42 for low.

We will be in the low to mid 80s Monday, Tuesday Wednesday with temps falling into the 20s & 30s for night time lows and highs only in 40s & 50s Thursday & Friday.

Wed 7PM – Windy!! Powerful cyclogenesis!

7AM Fri Apr 12- COLD wrap around

Sat Apr 13 another Cold morning East as Western sections begin to see return flow and Warmer temps.

We will go into further detail -just wanted to give you heads up as we head into the Active part of the pattern.

We do see another potential freeze around the 17th/18th.

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