The lowest 2500′ off the Atmosphere is VERY COLD… Most of the State is ABOVE 32 degrees around 5000’…

This is why we are seeing ICY conditions!! Warm moist air moving over VERY COLD air.

Let’s looks at some charts so you can visualize it….

The slide say 3500′ but this is 2500′ above the surface- the entire State of Kansas except for the far SE corner is below freezing between 2500′ to around 5000′.

Look at radar – you can see South of that freezing line it’s a much warmer atmosphere that there is some instability and we are seeing THUNDERSTORMS along that baroclinic line…

Let’s go forward to 6AM tomorrow morning – WEDNESDAY morning.

It looks to be SLICK as a piece of energy moves through over night tonight through around 10am Wednesday AM…

This is 6AM.. The pink represents freezing drizzle….

Here are the temps – from the surface to 2500′ temps look to be in the 20s.

As we get higher in the atmosphere – to around 1 Mile high temps increase to around 45 degrees- that is because of Warm Air Advection- warm air and moisture that is being forced Northward- that warm moisture will fall and freeze on contact as temps have been VERY COLD in the teens and 20s most all day. So expect SLICK AND HAZARDOUS ROADWAYS and Walkways!!

The moisture drys up tomorrow afternoon then the last piece of energy and a STRONG COLD FRONT moves through.

We should see light moisture begin to increase around 5-6pm Wed evening:

9PM Wednesday:

Midnight Wednesday night:

The moisture should move East of the area by 6AM Thursday but VERY COLD TEMPS are on tap for Thursday – highs only in the 20s are likely Thursday…


Questions- please ask

Please drive safely Wed morning…

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