Hello Weather Watchers!

Make sure your trash cans and Christmas Decorations are tied down Thursday or you might find them in TEXAS…

If you have inflatables, TURN THEM OFF or they will likely be ruined.

A STRONG area of surface Low Pressure will develop in the Panhandles and will move SE to around Ft Worth as it continues to strengthen. This Low will draw moisture Northward giving areas of Eastern KS ( East of the Turnpike ) decent chances of rain Thursday afternoon/evening. How far North the rain shield extends depends how far South that Low digs. The stronger it is the further South it could dig.

WE ARE SEEING SOME INTERESTING THINGS HAPPEN WITH OUR PATTERN AS WE ENTER THE 2nd CYCLE…We are watching this and might have to adjust our long range forecast some.

We will show you what we have been working on very soon- it very interesting…WE ARE NOT SEEING DROUGHT… let’s clear that up real quick…

Weather Watchers